unkind statement 1: on curators

" the curator" was a position invented to keep the jerarchy and presence in the art realm by those with a strong social-capital standing but with no artistic talent or imagination. It made possible the extension of the domain of the gallerist as market-oriented art dealer into the public cultural institutions, therefore publicly funding power games at the expense of a true development of art.

unkind statement 2: on media art

The use of electronics, informatics, and other computer-based technologies in the so called new media art, appart from being based on an overrating of the transformation potential of those technologies, and being very wrongly perceived as something hype or "modern" it´s in fact quite often boring, simple and bold
that handy people use
born old fashioned
testing ground payed by public money for further potential industry applications
dangerous technophilia, another turn of the screw in the wrong direction depriving people from a direct contact with the world, and just offering a poor substitute of direct relations, being a very effective scapist mechanism

unkind statement 3:

the system you have created disempowers the artist